Why ATS for professional services?

ATS associates combine many years of brokerage processing knowledge with state-of-the-art technical expertise to provide timely, cost-effective solutions for all clients.

Business Knowledge

Technical Expertise


Professional Areas of Expertise

Broadridge BPS Advantage Development

ATS offers ready-made products for interfacing to BPSA and can also develop custom client solutions.

Broadridge APIs

ATS developed several large-scale retail and institutional trading products for a number of major firms using the OrderPlex API. In addition to current expert knowedlge of other Broadridge APIs, such as NewDiv, ATS’ founder is the principal architect of the original PET system at Broadridge.

Broadridge INTACT interface

ATS developed a number of systems that interfaced to INTACT to process bookkeeping and trade transactions into the backoffice.

Broadridge Back-Office Screen Interfacing.

For many “legacy” systems which have no available application programming interface, ATS can develop custom “wrappers” which allow clients to integrate legacy functionality with in-house web-based systems.

DTC MQ Interfaces

Clients who need to interface to DTC in real-time can make use of ATS’s expertise in connecting and interfacing to DTC via the MQ interface.

DTC File Interfaces

Clients who need to take complex-structured files, such as the DIVANN file, from DTC for in-house processing purposes can engage ATS to integrate these files with in-house processing systems.